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Super Safe and Easy Chandelier installation with Platform Step Ladders

      Work platforms are the ultimate piece of equipment for any worker. They allow workers to be safe doing their job at heights, and they are easy to move around and store when not in use.

Assess to see is a solar battery right for your home

Before contacting a retailer about installing a solar battery, you should first consider the following questions. Peak solar generation occurs during the day when many of us are at work, school or out and about. Peak energy usage often comes in the late afternoon or evening (especially in summer) when solar PV is not generating. […]

The best location for your outdoor split system

When setting up an air conditioner, the external unit should be located strategically to avoid direct sunlight. Optimum placement includes a wall facing north or south; east and west walls are best to avoid, if possible, since they receive more sun exposure throughout summer months, which makes your air conditioner work harder and end up […]

Improve solar panel efficiency

The efficiency of the inverter drives the efficiency of a solar panel system Under the Clean Energy Council rules for accredited installers, the solar panel capacity can only exceed the inverter capacity by 33%. That means for a typical 5kW inverter you can go up to a maximum of 6.6kW of solar panel output within […]

The necessary considerations when installing heat pump water system in your house

How do heat pump water heaters work? The technology for heat pump water heating might seem revolutionary, but you have seen it before – in your fridge. Heat pump water systems work like a refrigerator in reverse, absorbing heat from the air and vaporising the refrigerant which is then compressed. The water runs through a […]

Three Phase Solar System

If you operate appliances that have a high-power consumption rate, you may find it worthwhile to install a three-phase solar inverter and system, as it can generally pull more power in and handle bigger loads.   The below is one of our jobs that is a three phase solar system 1) 30X Jinko solar panels […]

Mitsubishi Heavy and Mitsubishi Electric are two separate companies

When it comes to choosing a reliable and trusted brand of air conditioning in Australia, Mitsubishi is a name that instantly comes to mind. This is because they have built a strong reputation for high-quality AC machines and excellent service. So, what’s the difference between Mitsubishi Electric and Heavy Industry products? Are they made by the same company? Is […]

It is definitely worth to upgrade your Solar System

With rising electricity prices and reducing solar system prices, a solar upgrade can make a lot of sense The industry standard for most solar panels’ lifespans is 25 to 30 years. Most reputable manufacturers offer production warranties for 25 years or more. however, the efficiency of solar panels has increased to a good extent. Solar […]

What are the benefits of upgrading switchboards?

Signs That Your Switchboard Needs Upgrading The switchboard is overcrowded and there is no more room. Firstly you need to find your switchboard. Your appliances trip the circuit. Flickering Lights. Ceramic Fuses. A burning Smell. Sparks. Melted or blackened fuses. Is it worth upgrading electrical panel? It keeps your home safe Outdated or overwhelmed electrical […]

Enjoy the comfort with 3 in 1 Bathroom Heater with 4 Heat Lamps, Exhaust Fan and LED Light

3 in 1 Bathroom Heater with 4 Heat Lamps, Exhaust Fan and LED Light Make the most of your shower time by installing a 3 in 1 bathroom unit with heater, fan and light combination. It’s a great idea to have your bathroom complete with a 3-in-1 heater. The installation of a 3-in-1 Bathroom heater […]