Couples should have a TV in the bedroom

Does having a TV in the bedroom help relationships or hurt them?

  • Some experts believe watching shows we enjoy can help us wind down and de-stress.
  • Sharing a common experience, like watching a show your partner enjoys, can strengthen the connection between couples.
  • While it’s still better to have no screen time before bed, watching TV might be less harmful to sleep than using smartphones or computers.
  • A TV in the bedroom is one of the few options that can give you something to bond over as well as offering you some time apart.
So you’ve finally come around to the idea that having a television in the bedroom is in fact a good idea? The next step is to work out exactly where it’s going to go. The best spot for placement of a TV in the bedroom is at the foot of the bed, Depending on the size and orientation of the room, consider installing it on the wall. You should aim to mount the TV one meter off the ground, which is the ideal viewing for watching from bed.

Now the question is whether you need a professional to mount the TV to the wall or you can get away with a DIY job?

We suggest getting a professional electrician to mount up your TV. When your TV is mounted on the wall, there are so many variables to remember. Your local electrician will make sure everything is performed to the highest quality level with the right expertise and equipment and will give you the best possible result. In far less time than you, they can do a better job and then clean up their mess so that you can get right into watching your favourite shows on your newly installed TV.

What do professional electricians do when wall mounting TVs?

  • Choose the right TV wall mount
  • Proper Wiring
  • Secure attachment to the wall
  • A TV mounted on the bedroom wall by Tri CT Elec Electricians

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