Mitsubishi Heavy and Mitsubishi Electric are two separate companies

When it comes to choosing a reliable and trusted brand of air conditioning in Australia, Mitsubishi is a name that instantly comes to mind. This is because they have built a strong reputation for high-quality AC machines and excellent service.

So, what’s the difference between Mitsubishi Electric and Heavy Industry products? Are they made by the same company? Is one brand “better” than the other? What’s the story? By the way, you’ll often see “MHI” and “ME” as abbreviations for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Electric.

The short answer is that they are two completely separate companies. In fact, they’re competitors.

However, both MHI and ME are belonging to the Mitsubishi parent company.

Which Brand Is Best?

Many homeowners prefer the Mitsubishi Electric system, while businesses and commercial establishments tend to select the Mitsubishi Heavy.

Mitsubishi Electric

Over many years, Mitsubishi Electric (or ME) has built up a formidable reputation for its quality products and adding the latest technology to each product they make. They are revered as one of the top air-con manufacturers and are known worldwide. Competitively priced and perfect for individuals and businesses.

Some Key Qualities of a ME Air-Con Unit

High Durability – Through many years of innovation and specialisation, Mitsubishi Electric produces some of the most long-lasting Air Conditioning units. These are efficient out of the box and many years down the line. Make yours last longer with regular servicing.

Smart Technology – Each unit comes with remote control capabilities and many tech features to improve the usability and user-friendliness, such as variable speed compressors and smart connectivity

Quiet Systems – Units are designed to be extra quiet to increase customer satisfaction regardless of their size.

User-Friendly – Built with the latest smart technology integrated with each ME air-con unit. Easy-to-understand UI with the aim to make familiarizing yourself with the controls and features.

Some Drawbacks of ME Air-Con Units

There are few cons or complaints about Mitsubishi Electrics air-conditioners other than the units can be quite expensive, but with the quality of the builds and the reliability, the price can be justified.

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